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This beautiful paradise resort found us ... 


Hello, we are Marja and Peter,

For some time we were looking for a beautiful location in Portugal where we could host guests and workshops. We visited many places, but for some reason it did not materialize. Two years ago we decided to give it a pause. Sometimes you have to let go of things to give it space. In August 2014, we received an email from Saskia and Frans, the owners of Olival das Hortas, who for ten years gave their blood, sweat, tears, but even more so put their love into it. We were asked if we would be interested to take it over from them and shortly thereafter we flew to Portugal along with Saskia to view the location. Upon arrival we immediately felt at home ...



A haven for rest and relaxation

It truly is a paradise resort spread-out over 12 acres of rolling hills, full of cork and olive trees. Furthermore you will find plenty of herbs and a beautiful orange garden, but also kiwi, pomegranate, fig, almond and walnut trees. The property is beautifully landscaped and completely private. There are wonderful opportunity for hiking and the beach Melides is only 20 minutes drive by car. There are also various recreational activities such as biking, safari park, bird watching (very rare birds in this environment), to play golf, horseback riding, surfing and watching dolphins. Just down the road there you will find the picturesque church Penha, where once the transmitter of the Carnation Revolution was located. A lovely stream through the landscape makes the soil very fertile. Near the waterfall there is an old Roman water well. It is a unique place for guests who seek tranquillity and relaxation to clear their minds and rejuvenate. And it is all possible, for there are several beautiful locations where you can relax in peace, read or meditate while the birdsongs and the babbling brook caresses your unconscious.



Marja is known for her divine massage qualities and her relaxing beauty treatments. She is a warm and creative hostess. She takes care of all the styling details on Olival das Hortas and makes it her effort to make you feel at home. She has extensive experience in assisting women during difficult periods. It is also possible to practice different meditation and mindfulness exercises with Marja to become more aware of who you really are so that you get a better understanding of what you actually want in this life. Marja has for many years organized Red tent meetings for women, where women come together once a month to share their feelings and to be together in their feminine energy. Playfully Marja knows how to put the finger on the sore spot and guide you in this. Her massages bring every woman to surrender and complete relaxation.



Peter works the land and makes sure that everything continues to function. If you stay in one of our Tepee tents, then Peter will bring your luggage with the tractor to your tent. The relationship with nature is grand and soothing. There are many and various activities on the estate and all who like to participate are welcome. It is a wonderful meditation form to work in and with nature. In addition, you use your body actively, so everything will start flowing again and you will sense your body get back into balance again. Peter has strode many paths in his life to find his truth until the truth unfolded to him and Olival das Hortas has now become a part of it. If you feel like it, you can share your life philosophies with Peter and possibly he may be able to show life from a different perspective and suddenly you may experience a smile on your lips as he may show you a perspective that actually makes life quite easy and simple and a miracle at the same time ...

We would like to share this wonderful dream with like-minded people and invite those who identify themselves with what we have to offer and who would enjoy to get away from the hustle of everyday life.


Host your workshop

We also invite workshop hosts to orientate themselves by coming here to see if they find this location suitable for giving their workshops. The location offers space for up to 30 participants and is suitable for woodcarvings, meditation, mindfulness, Yoga, gender workshops, Tantra, Shamanism and sweat-lodge ceremonies. During workshops participants can also stay in their own tents.

Outside the high season we rent our houses and tepees at discounted prices in exchange for collaboration on the estate, an opportunity for you to reconnect with nature.


Ideas and donations

We invest as much as possible our income in maintenance and improvements of the estate. We are investigating how we can launch projects where we build sustainable houses of clay, earth and straw and that are energy neutral. We would like to make this location a platform for sustainable living, so that guests in the near future can experience what it is like to live ecological. Do you have ideas or want to cooperate, we invite you cordially to contact us. Donations are welcome and will be greatly appreciated. These will be used exclusively for the maintenance and improvement of the estate. If you have a specific wish for your donation, we will be happy to keep you informed during the realization of it.

Mission: Living in nature and sharing this beautiful paradise with likeminded people.

You are cordially invited!

Marja & Peter