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Detox months, January, february & april

Detox months, January, february & april

Januari until March are beautiful months for detox. Rejuvenate and feel healthy and fresh again. Start up the new year with healthy habits.

Book yourself a 3 or 5 day retreat. You will love it.


In the morning you wake up by the sun in your face and a knock on the door means freshly squeezed orange juice from the orange orchard. The yoga lesson is light and more concentrated on stretching the meridians. Your breakfast is light too and you will be hanging out on your private terrace with a beautiful vieuw on corktrees and abundant green nature.

You can go for a walk on the private 24 acres land or you can finish finally your book in the hammock. You drink fresh Mint or other tea the whole day to detox. Your lunch will be soup and salad.

You will enjoy your Siesta, massage,  a facial or a coachingsession after lunch.

In the beginning of the evening you could join us in the Kundalini meditation or jump into the sauna. In the evening you can rest in your house on the couch near the woodburner and finally finish your book.

You will be relaxed and sleep an early night.

We promise you NO hunger and a great time to relax. There will be from 1 to a maximum of 4 attendants.



3 days ..... custom made price

5 days ..... custom made price

Exclusive flight (100,- via Transavia or Ryanair from Eindhoven or Schiphol, metro and train 30,-)

We will pick you up from Grandola station.

Please send us an email to:





Lente op Olival das hortas

Lente op Olival das hortas

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Zon, zee en strand, ontdek de Alentejo.

Santiago do Cacem


Heel leuk filmpje over de streek.

Het is niet moeilijk om onze ontdekkingsgeest te voelen als we aankomen op de onmetelijke velden waar berg-, rivier en zeewinden elkaar ontmoeten. Alsof het maar enkelen is gegund hier te mogen zijn. Ook al bent u geen georganiseerde reiziger en bent u zonder kompas, waar u ook bent, de Alentejo belooft u onvergetelijke landschappen en ervaringen in alle betoverende hoeken.



Which regions are most interesting to visit

Which regions are most interesting to visit

December 27, 2014. The best regions in Portugal including expert advice about Lisbon, Sintra, Porto, Alentejo and Algarve. By Mary Lussiana, Telegraph Travel Portugal expert. Portugal-summer-holidays-guide

November on its best

November on its best

November 26, 2014. What a wonderful day at Olival das Hortas. The estate reflects beautiful colours after the rain. There are so many different shades of green that you can discover here and when the sun shines after the rain, the grounds almost radiate light.

Ask for our winter rates

Ask for our winter rates

October 20, 2014. The winter season at Olival das Hortas is ideally suited to stay for a few months for a reduced rate. During the day, its sunny and around 17 degrees. Around four o'clock it becomes fresher. You can choose from the Casa Piscina or Casa Ruina. Both nicely furnished comfortable cottages with a lovely wood burners and a comfortable sofa to enjoy reading after a great leisure day. After you have made excursions to the various beaches or visited picturesque places, it’s wonderful to relax when you come home. Shopping is only  5 minutes away from Olival das Hortas and there are many cheap restaurants nearby. The Portuguese hospitality here is always present and the prices are still quite friendly. Making trips to Lisbon and Evora is wonderful and quite simple to do. Would you enjoy a delicious chicken dinner in the kitchen with a Portuguese lady in Santa Margarida de Serra, please let us know, we love to tell you how to get there.

Big News

Big News

August 1, 2014. A dream becomes reality. We receive an invitation to move to Portugal. Living under the sun, eating from the garden and drinking fresh drinking water from natural sources. Once we jokingly shared that we would only move to a place where we could squeeze fresh orange juice from our own trees, this became true. Twenty orange trees are waiting to share their fruits with us and you as a guest. We host a lovely paradise where you can stay in two very tastefully decorated cottages and two tepees. Crisp fresh linen on wonderful beds and fully equipped. It is also a wonderful place to receive workshop hosts with their participants. October 1st, we will be there and will give it all our effort to be able to offer you a care free stay.