Natural building workshopweeks at Olival das hortas.

Natural building workshopweeks at Olival das hortas.

Natural building

We organise Sustainable building workshopweeks for February, March, May and June 2017.

Find yourself in the luscious nature of South West Portugal, near Grandola on a 24 acres estate full of fruittrees and corkoaks, working and learning with likeminded people how it will be to live and build off grid. We will make music by the fire in the night and you will love to meet other people with new inspiratonal ideas.   

This project will feature

  • Passive house standards for energy efficiency
  • Construction using local natural materials
  • Compressed earth block foundation and walls
  • Earthen floors and plasters
  • Local wood products
  • All natural finishes
    … and much, much more!


We are proud to organise this in collaboration with Frank Fecó Takács and his team organise several workshop weeks in natural building.

Join us in an exciting and innovative approach for resort and community development and cultural enchancement. An intensive course in off-grid life skills in a supportive environment. Get hands on building skills, classroom sessions, land and house design skills! Be part of the formative stages of this exciting project!

The world is rapidly changing and our participation in Co-Creation can change the world. This project is a tremendous opportunity to be at the forefront of the booming new green revolution that is permeating culture and society worldwide! Permaculture and ecological harmony is by pure necessity and need being forced to the forefront of the most pressing and important issues, and now is the right time to ethically take advantage of the holistic opportunities intentional community has to offer.

This sustainable construction learning program allows you to be free of many of the worries of survival and immediate bill-paying, freeing you up to focus on your passions and purpose in life, thereby creating an amazing space and mindset to create great wealth, abundance and success. We are collectively able to co-create a space of love and happiness for ourselves, our children and our future generations, by coming into harmony with what we cannot live without, the natural world around us and an extension of our bodies and selves, the perfect creations of the universe.

Join in for a week learning to build a natural house
  • We start with the basics and share several techniques.
  • Build using what’s on the land where possible.
  • Collect and store rainwater off dwellings.
  • Use grey water to irrigate permaculture garden.
  • Use the methane provided by sewerage.
  • Use treated sewerage as fertilizer.
  • Get electricity from the sun and the wind; Energy from Heaven, we do this artistically beautifully solutions for free energy
  • Realistic things that people can create on low income.
  • Technical stuff, materials.
  • Smart use of available resources + sharing = cheap & eco.
  • Growing organic food and cooking.

Please come a day before (Sunday) and leave a day after (Sunday) the workshop to install or pack up your camping gear.

Ask us for more info and terms and conditions.
Feel warmly welcome to join this adventurious off gridd building workshopweek. Bring your guitar or Bongos with you have or use ours.

Write an email to  and mention which week you want to attend and which skills and interests you have.